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About Us

About Us?

Our Concept:

fashioneer.eu offers brands at discount prices with the unsold of several major brands and their previous collections to allow our customers afford luxury at affordable prices. These brands are presented to you with discounts of up to 70%, sometimes 85% in some cases.

For each purchase at fashioneer.eu the customer has the right to accumulate loyalty points that automatically convert into euros and can be saved or used immediately by the customer during ordering.

You count among our customers from the first order placed and you automatically accumulate loyalty benefits. You can sponsor your friends. Your sponsorship benefits will be credited to your customer account upon the shipment of the first order of your referrals, and will be deductible on your next order. Your loyalty benefits referrals are very thorough, see on "my account".

What are we selling?

Our items are brand new, authentic and have been manufactured directly by the biggest brands according to their qualities and standards, while offering you highly discounted prices -60 to -85% compared to shop prices. fashioneer.eu sells brands from previous collections, unsold brands, overproductions, end of series, excesses of importers.

Our engagement :

Date of shipment: We are committed to respect the shipping deadlines that are announced on fashioneer.eu during the registration of your order.

Customer service: For any question, do not hesitate to send us an email by clicking on contact us. We promise to answer you within 12 hours.

Our goal: Our goal remains a proposal of luxury and everyday items at affordable prices and waoh price!

Enjoy your shopping on fashioneer.eu

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